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What are C Level Executives

What are the C Level Executives?


The highest-level executives are usually called “C-level” referring to the 3-letter initials starting with “C” and ending with “O”  with changes in the middle to specify area of responsibility  e.g. “Chief __________ Officer”


The traditional officers are:


Chief Executive Officer (CEO),

Chief Operations Officer (COO),

Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


In banking, insurance, and other financial services companies the C levels are: Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Risk Officer positions.


Technology companies (including telecom and semi-conductor) (now IT sector companies also) tend to have:

Chief Technology Officer (CTO),

Also companies with a strong Information Technology (IT) presence have a Chief Information Officer (CIO).


In creative/design companies (such as film studios, a comics company or a web design company), there is sometimes a Chief Creative Officer (CCO),


Approximately 60% of the Fortune 500 companies have a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO).   Be careful on how C level titles are used as it may imply and create liability for the officer of a company.


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