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“C” Level Knowledge and Articles

CPA firm replaced by GMA


Case study 1. 


A grocery store with $24 million of yearly revenue engaged Mr. John (Giancarlo) Meazzo, M.A GMA’s President, for his services as a “turn around” interim CFO.  In this six months engagement Mr. Meazzo replaced a medium size CPA firm that had provided accounting services for over eight years.   The CPA firm failed in providing timely financial statements; the accounting practices did not follow standard accepted ones;  e.g. sub-ledgers nor reconciled to general ledger; significant balance sheet items not recorded, journal entries system lacked structure, etc.  In his customary initial client finance system review, he developed a list of over 25 problems with the accounting and financial systems.   Within 6 months the accounting was brought in-house; developed key policies and procedures; installed equipment inventory system; reconciled equity section that was not supported by sub-ledger (membership based company); set up all the schedules necessary to maintain account analysis, sub-ledger to ledger reconciliations; trained staff.   At the conclusion of the engagement, all systems including internal controls have been optimized and perfected, financial statements current; reduced CPA fees by 80%.     



Organic Certifying Agents Worldwide

List of USDA
Authorized Organic Certifying Agents by Countries of Operation
Nearly 100 agents are currently authorized to certify farms and businesses to the USDA organic regulations. Most USDA
accredited certifying agents are allowed to certify farms andbusinesses anywhere in the world. Farmers, ranchers, and processors may choose to workwith any USDA
accredited certifying agent.To help narrow your search,
this list shows certifying agents that have recently certified farms and businesses in various countries. To find a certifying agent that currently works in yourcountry, search for the country either alphabetically or by using your computer’s “find”function (usually Control + F). The name of the country will appear at the top of the page. If
the country you seek is not listed, then you may want to contact a certifying agent whocurrently works in a neighboring country. You should contact individual certifying agents to ask if they are able to certify your farm or business.







GMA headed by its President  Mr. John (Giancarlo) Meazzo, M.A. has provided assistance from small to multi-million dollar businesses.  Our management division has suggested various software  to our clients.  From accounting software; retail point of service; medical billing system; human resource; inventory -fixed assets and more.   GMA has assisted many clients with software evaluation, purchase, installation and training.

For those that use QR or wish to read QR codes we suggest

This is a picture of the IPhone and Android free app. that our staff uses.   Notice that there are  many free other apps!















Need additional business services and obtain a free consultation?   Here is the link:

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GMA here to assist its client!



What are C Level Executives

What are the C Level Executives?


The highest-level executives are usually called “C-level” referring to the 3-letter initials starting with “C” and ending with “O”  with changes in the middle to specify area of responsibility  e.g. “Chief __________ Officer”


The traditional officers are:


Chief Executive Officer (CEO),

Chief Operations Officer (COO),

Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


In banking, insurance, and other financial services companies the C levels are: Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Risk Officer positions.


Technology companies (including telecom and semi-conductor) (now IT sector companies also) tend to have:

Chief Technology Officer (CTO),

Also companies with a strong Information Technology (IT) presence have a Chief Information Officer (CIO).


In creative/design companies (such as film studios, a comics company or a web design company), there is sometimes a Chief Creative Officer (CCO),


Approximately 60% of the Fortune 500 companies have a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO).   Be careful on how C level titles are used as it may imply and create liability for the officer of a company.


GMA offers seasoned C level consultants to assist and support enterprise executives to navigate in the current challenging environment.


Why 50% of businesses fail the first year and 95% the first 5 years

The U.S. Small Business Administration has seen lots of small businesses come and, unfortunately, go.   According to the SBA, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and 95% fail within the first five years. Why? What goes wrong?
In his book Small Business Management, Michael Ames gives the following reasons for small business failure:

1. Lack of experience
2. Insufficient capital (money)
3. Poor location
4. Poor inventory management
5. Over-investment in fixed assets
6. Poor credit arrangements
7. Personal use of business funds
8. Unexpected growth
9. Competition
10. Low sales

“These figures aren’t meant to scare you, but to prepare you for the rocky path ahead. It’s true that there are many reasons not to start your own business. But for the right person, the advantages of business ownership far outweigh the risks. You will be your own boss. Hard work and long hours directly benefit you, rather than increasing profits for someone else. Earning and growth potential are far greater. A new venture is as exciting as it is risky. Running a business provides endless challenge and opportunities for learning.”

Having the support such as a contract team of professionals, such as seasoned “C” level (e.g. CFO, CEO, COO) consultants in the field of finance, marketing and sales professional, legal and tax adviser is key to pass the 5 year hurdle!  GMA is here to assist your company in developing and executing strategic plans and management;  Develop safeguards and plan for permanent reductions in sales volumes if needed and much more.   Be proactive!


To obtain a quote or is you would like one of our executives to contact you, please call 1-310-228-7721 or send us an email with your needs by clicking this link


Outsourcing Options & Solutions for Small Businesses




Small business are at a distinct disadvantage as compared to larger companies. Mr. John (Giancarlo) Meazzo, M.A. has provided assistance to many small businesses that had horrendous experiences, from the melt down of the accounting department; to falling months behind in accounting tasks; reducing costs as business volume dropped substantially, etc.  He developed a free self rating questionnaire to businesses where he can quickly respond with suggestions.

Mr. Meazzo found that the access to high end experienced and capable professionals, keeping up with new technology, understanding company needs become monumental tasks for the owner.  The typical small business operator may be excellent in his business technology such manufacturing or providing professional services.  The business owner may not be experienced in sales and marketing or in accounting and financial management.

Competition is fierce and economy has slowed and not stable. There is a need to be proactive in making business changes and decisions to navigate through these difficult times. Having the best assistance (part or totally outsourced) is key to success!


Some Problems Incurred by Small Business Owners


Owner of the company:


1.  Is investing most of his time in sales and marketing and does not have much time or experience in managing the accounting department. Is not certain if the bookkeeper or accountant is performing at a high or required level of effectiveness and productivity.
2.  Does not know if the current financial staff has the required experience to perform duties beyond the core responsibilities.  Are they able to assist executive in creating new opportunities; foresee upcoming financial problems and assist in strategic planning?
3.  Concerned about lack of internal controls.  Not quite sure of all safeguards are in place to protect the company from theft.   Are there safeguards in place to eliminate opportunities for theft? (see article of why companies fail first year: )
4.  Has various tasks for an accountant to perform, but knows that accountant is not qualified or experienced in financial management (typically performed by controller and CFO).  A good part of the work of the highly paid accountant is performed performing clerical (equivalent low pay) tasks.  How to resolve the over/under employment and/or over/under qualification problem?   Is executive qualified to know if he needs an accounting supervisor, accounting manager, controller or CFO?
5.  No support from accountant in planning and providing “think tank” advice and services.  Accounting manager has little or no education in accounting and financial management and cannot really train or manage the accounting staff.
6.  Does not understand the accounting software well and does not know how to use the data well for managing the enterprise.  What key reports should executive receive daily, weekly or monthly?
7.  Operates day to day without a strategic plan or budget.
8.  Is not certain of the break even point for the business.
9.  Does not know the types of management reports he should receive from the accounting staff  so that he can understand the ergonomics of his business, causes and effects of changes in business volume.  Does not understand how to develop and compile key performance indicators (KPI), the basis for budgeting and planning.
10.  When there is a turnover in accounting staff, has to invest time in training new temp or replacement.  Takes much time from his other important tasks.  Accounting falls behind and causes a lot of stress.
11.  Too busy and not experienced is setting a business strategic plan with goals and objectives.  Let operations run without a plan.
12.  Not certain how to flex the staff and costs depending upon the volume of business.
13.  Doesn’t have a cost reduction plan in place in the event of reductions on volume of business.



Additional example of operational problems.


Service Company: 10 employees, $10 million in revenues, $90,000 budget for Controller. Need to hire experienced controller to handle accounting department and take on the financial management needs of the company. Current accounting manager/controller left or about to leave company. Needs: (example, actual needs will vary for each company) Identify and fix problems (or develop new accounting system for start-up) with accounting/finance department.


Typical areas needing attention: Accounting system to support financial statement preparation by product lines; revenue/expense centers and divisions or area of responsibility; consolidated income statement with inter-company eliminations; internal controls; a capital and operational budgeting system; prepare break even analysis; internal audit and controls system; product finance dept. policies and procedures; evaluate business performance against industry bench marks or standards; ensure profit margins (product line and department) are reported, evaluated and managed; manage the revenue cycle insuring proper rate setting (product and service pricing) that “days in AR” are adequate; there are no “lost revenues” due to inadequate systems; eliminating payroll error factors; insuring adherence to payroll labor laws; reduce costs without effecting client satisfaction and quality of services; train managers in financial management concepts; develop key performance indicators (KPI) reporting system; ensure staff works at 100% of productivity; evaluate mergers and acquisitions opportunities; develop data mining solutions for business management; ensure adequate insurance coverage; develop corporate governance policies; succession planning; assistance in strategic planning (power of collaborative thinking)


Solution: A senior financial manager is needed to plan, manage and implement systems to satisfy the needs (partially listed above) of a typical company. When planning to hire a full time financial officer or accountant, you may want to consider outsourcing that position as many companies now do. To satisfy the above needs of a company, GMA, for example, would provide its client a high level CFO (35 or more years of multi-industry experience) for 10% of the time, a Controller for 30% and an Accounting Manager for 60%.


In some cases there may be a mix of CFO and Accounting Manager or accountant! This may total 1 full time equivalent (FTE) and most likely, at the same cost of one existing or planned FTE. This is just an example and needs would vary based upon the size and needs of the business. CEOs should evaluate their current staff and determine if the staff can provide their company with the support and financial management they need (not the other way around). It does not necessarily mean to change the finance staff. Rather, it means understanding their abilities and obtaining assistance through companies such as GMA, for whatever the company lacks in expertise.


Having one full time professional to perform all duties may not be the best strategy!. Likewise, someone who does not have the finance experience may undermine the viability of any business. The typical full time professional will either be under or over qualified and/or under or over employed. Many times an employed financial manager may not want to seek the assistance of a consultant. The reason is obvious. The financial manager may be concerned of how their superior (CEO) may perceive the option of the request of a consultant.


Relying on a senior accountant or a controller who does not have strong experience could be the downfall of a company. GMA as contract CFOs have first hand experience in these matters! If your financial manager leaves your employment, is the other staff able to continue with operating the finance department? We have seen companies fail as they grew too quickly without planning for such growth. Also, without the right supervision and internal controls, companies lost funds and became insolvent as a result of employee dishonesty.


Many of GMA’s engagements were due to a turnover in accounting staff, controllers and CFOs as well as a total collapse of the accounting and finance department. We saw firsthand what serious problems an unqualified financial manager can cause. By having this important position outsourced as in Choice 2 below, will allow continuity of services for when you experience a possible turnover, while providing the right mix of financial support and expertise.
Below is a one staff professional vs. GMA’s three tiered professional team. Which would you prefer to have?









On Choice 1, the Controller may be skilled in supervising the accounting department and preparing financial statements. The Controller most likely will not have the know how (due to lack of experience) in developing strategic plans and determining their financial effects to the company; analyzing financial ratios and their trends; calculating the break-even point; analyzing and preparing for the effects to the company of changes in the economy (e.g. inflation – recession etc); planning and implementing operational corrective actions; analyzing the budget to actual variances; bench mark comparisons; managing the revenue cycle and more.


Word of caution: companies sometimes believe that by hiring a CPA, the problems will be solved.  Acronyms are just that, abbreviations, and a CPA or MBA behind someone’s name does not mean that the job can be done. Accountants that graduate usually choose the CPA route to perform independent audits and tax services.  Conversely, an accountant may decide to stay in the area of corporate financial management where a certification of public accounting would not be needed.  There are many great CPAs and many great financial managers that are not CPAs.  Bottom line, experience is the most important factor not acronyms!


We believe that having experienced operations financial managers (CPA, MBA or not) is KEY to a successful enterprise. These financial managers will work with CPA, typically for the latter to for perform audits and tax returns. Asking for our assistance is very simple by clicking here.


Mr. John Meazzo, M.A. Principal of GMA may be contacted directly by calling 310-228-7721.


A video on one of our business solutions






Consolidation of Subsidiaries in Accounting Software

Mr. John (Giancarlo) Meazzo, M.A. President of GMA noticed that at times clients are uncertain on how to set up consolidated companies in their accounting software.  Company consolidation lets you combine the charts of accounts (and general ledgers) of a number of existing companies to create a new consolidated chart of accounts. The new consolidated company created in this way will let you see consolidated financial statements for a number of subsidiary companies (different entities) operating under an umbrella organization.  Naturally a chart of account can be set up in a single company with various department (same legal entity balance sheet).   It is important (and at times clients do not know) that different general ledgers be maintained for each of the subsidiaries.  GMA used various software such as Peachtree, MAS90, ACCPAT, BIP, Software International, and others.


For example, say your company is a food service organization that incorporates a restaurant, a food distribution service, and a catering service. You could combine the charts of accounts of these three sub-companies to create a new consolidated chart of accounts for the entire organization.

Consolidated companies you create act exactly like any other company in your general ledger. You can add to their charts of accounts, maintain customers, vendors, and employees, and report on company just as you would in any other company.

The result would be a company that contains the charts of accounts of the three subsidiary companies. Now you’d be able to track general ledger information, budget, and create financial statements and general ledger reports for all the subsidiary companies within your new consolidated company. This would greatly simplify and streamline your financial duties for the three subsidiary companies.  GMA is the guru in setting up accounting systems and converting from one software to another.

Please provide your precious feedback for us.


Corporate Branding and Social Media

Social media marketing is used to drive traffic to your website.  If the website is not professionally prepared and it does not properly convey your mission, products and services (among other key elements), it will fail. The key is to have a well branded website.   Mr. John (Giancarlo) Meazzo, M.A. President of GMA3000.COM, understands the importance of corporate branding and always coaches GMA’s clients on this subject.   Investing in hiring the services of a professional is extremely important for the success of your website.  The logo, the colors, layout, content, menus and other website components have to be well thought out and planned.

Branding is only the creation of a logo but includes key subjects such as websites, advertising, stationery, customer service, disclosure of mission, packaging, quality of products and services. The strategy is to portray a positive image to a concept and idea which will result in clients connecting with a positive impact when they see or hear anything related to the brand.   Branding needs to exploit new technology.  A company website is a crucial channel for any modern corporation regardless of size. If the corporation is not accessible on the Internet, it does not exist! The more professional the website, the better the perception among the Internet savvy modern customer.  Bring the corporate brand to life through a well-executed marketing activities, and make sure the overall messages are clear, relevant and consistent, to the target audiences.


Brand Development Products

3D Art & design

Brochure Design

Business Card Design

Catalog Design

Custom Logo Design


Letterhead Design

Poster Design


Social Media and Blogs


We create accounts for you on social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn.   We as marketers are infiltrating that community; you have to be very careful when selling your products. If you come off as a pushy salesperson nobody will buy from you.  So when you join social network, become a helpful member of the community.  If you are totally new to marketing than make friends and ask questions, you would be surprised just how much good help you can get from people.


Enter Blogs – Instead of adding links to your business opportunity, start a blog and use your blog as your personal billboard. With a blog you can pretty much sell what you want, write what you want basically you can be yourself.  Blogging is the easiest way for someone to get on the internet with no html knowledge and start building a business.  Your blog is your point of view its basically represents you.  Blogging is a new concept of inbound marketing in contrast with outbound marketing (advertising, direct marketing, cold calling, the ads you see in newspapers and on TV).   People are searching for your products and services continuously, every single second. The question is, are they able to find you or your competition? People use search engines to choose of millions of searches per minute. They read blogs and they tap their social networks to find answers.  In reality inbound marketing is about making it simple for people to find what you have to offer online.


Blogging and social networking go hand in hand – To get the most out of blogging and social networks you should use a self-hosted wordpress blog.  There is a general consensus and a fact, that wordpress is the best blogging platform online to operate a business. Unfortunately you will need a self hosted blog if you want to use wordpress to its full potential.  You can get a hosting account and blog for about $10 a month.   Based on recent surveys, the cost of inbound marketing is approximately 60% lower in cost than with the typical outbound marketing techniques.  Companies that blog generate 50% to 60% more visitor traffic.   Just ensure that at the end of the blogs you use “call to action” links such invitations to webinars.   For those that invest resources in developing blogs, the blogs can be brought together into an e-book.


Leverage social media such as blogs, bookmarking sites, feeds, video sites and networking websites to increase targeted website traffic.  Also there are two elements to inbound marketing:  on-page optimization and off-page optimization.   On-page search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the elements on your site such as meta tags, page title, descriptions, and alt tags. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to the number of inbound links you can accumulate, and they will bump up you up on the search engines, and place you high on the results pages.


Social Media


Want to start a branding wave? Need to launch a new product? Don`t want to be overshadowed by your competitors? Or do you want a hip place where new and existing clients can see your current offers, blogs?

The amazing cultural fact of social media networking is the word-of-mouth tool of the internet. The fact is that most people like to be in-the limelight, ideally ahead of the crowd, foster an increasing circle of friends, and have interesting discussions about their personal and business subjects.


According to Nielsen research in 2009, the social networks have now surpassed e-mail in usage. This research states that now 2/3 of the internet population visit social networking sites. GMA-MMS will build your presence, connect with the people.


Social Media Sites are Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and many more.  These sites provide numerous ways for subscribers to interact such as instant messaging, file sharing, discussion groups, email, blogging, video and voice chat.  These online communities have conversations which are fully transparent.  You need to be involved to ensure that the online brand opinion has a positive impact. The Social Media is influencing brands whether their owners are aware of it or not.

However you must remember to treat these communities as your equal, as they are not the almost captive audience you used to advertise to before.  Your social media image needs to be in tune with the medium of social media, which is current, catchy, informative and fun.   To engage with the Social Media and at the same time have a positive effect on your Search Engine Optimization you should set up a social bookmarking campaign.

These are when a person shares with his/her network some snippet of interest which links back to the original source.  These bookmarks have the double effect of creating buzz within the social media and also building worthwhile incoming links back to your website.  Social bookmarks should be done like any links or media impact at the right pace.


In terms of total number of internet users by 2013, BMI-T expects that online searches, accessing e-mail, sharing personal content, reading news or articles and watching short video clips will be the highest performing online activities.

Marcus J. Meazzo B.A., Director of Brand Marketing and Elena S. Meazzo, Media Producer, Salvatore Parisi, Director of Web Development, have over 40 years of combined multimedia marketing experience.  They have provided a large number of small to large companies with strategic multimedia marketing support.   The services include from branding to video production to social media marketing.   They are an integral component of GMA outsource and business support services. Services are provided under GMA-MMS and under Open Door Creatives.


Please provide your precious feedback for us.


Videos for websites a key marketing tool

GMA – Multimedia Marketing Services (GMA-MMS) specializes in web based public relations and internet based multimedia services.  Companies should plan for a maximum online exposure through the use of increasingly popular social networking forums, search engine and viral marketing, as well as traditional PR services that can be used in online and print media.  Mr. John (Giancarlo) Meazzo, M.A. President of GMA3000.COM has provided support to his MMS colleagues with the financial management segment of this service.


It is our belief that with a well-researched and creatively-executed marketing plan, any business can stand to benefit greatly.  Whether your goal is to increase leads, or simply build community, the possibilities are vast when it comes to reaching those goals through the newest online networking trends.

For website development, professionals that you hire should work seamlessly to ensure that your marketing goals are considered with your professional web design. This also allows the marketing team to maintain your website and social networking accounts efficiently.

Video Services

Now is the time for quality video marketing on your website and for marketing your products and services on the internet.  Corporate video production services have burgeoned over the past few years and because of this, for many corporate websites that do not have a web based video production, the primary message of the company is simply not getting across.


A web video can provide a company with the means to communicate compelling, entertaining and educational marketing messages.  There has been tremendous development in the web sphere but unfortunately as good as that has been attention spans of visitors have dropped. If you don’t provide something interesting on your website for your visitor to watch remember that many decided whether to stay on your site within the first few seconds so if you need to get a message across, get it across fast!

Online video messages have been proven to hold visitor attention and enhance bottom line results dramatically. With a simple click a web video can convey all the information you need to get across in a clear concise fashion, and don’t forget that they will work 24/7! Bring out the full marketing potential of your website by employing the services of a corporate video production company.

Many companies still believe that corporate video production is a big budget item however this does not need to be the case as even low budget projects can be very effective.   Sure, you can film your own production very cheaply using an inexpensive high definition camera but what do you do next? Example: Post production skills can be taught, but more often than not are naturally present.   Editing an hour of video into a 30 second film clip is a challenging task and only those with experience can really make this work effectively.

There is nothing that stirs emotions better than a video on a website. Capitalize on this and enhance your website by adding GMA-MMS custom-created videos!  Online videos make your website more engaging to your customers and more unique than your competitors.   Custom videos are one of the best ways to increase your exposure on online video websites such as YouTube.


Just how important is adding videos to your website in 2011?

“If you don’t have video and your competition does…we are suddenly going to see a big shift in search engine rankings…”  Bruce Clay, Internet Marketing Guru.

Once you have your film you then need to ‘enable’ it for the web. Video cameras record in several CODECs (coder-decoder) and the files they produce are far too big to be uploaded to the web. They first need to be compressed to a smaller file format such as H.264, Mpeg2, Avi or Mov for example, and then converted (compressed again) to a format that can be easily viewed in a web browser.  Many video sharing social websites can do this for you, but the resultant Flash video file you see may well disappoint. A lot of compression and re-compression leads to a loss of ‘quality’ and this could affect your company credibility.

Corporate video production companies not only have the knowledge of ‘compression’ which leads to improved web quality videos, but also the right professional software to help them make that happen. They also know how to ‘film’ the original high quality footage which will end up on the web, as opposed to non professional attempts – hence the expression ‘garbage in – garbage out’.

Custom video benefits:

•           Add engaging content to your website

•           Improve search engine visibility

•           Add videos to YouTube, Yahoo Video, and other websites (over 300)

•           Include custom videos in your email marketing design and landing page design

•           Videos are exceptionally popular

•           Videos are ‘sticky’, keeping people on your website or landing page longer

•           Videos allow you to reach many more people (potential customers or business leads)

•           Allows you to build your brand

•           Creates a relationship with your viewers

•           Creating more traffic to your website can mean more sales and income

•           Videos are ‘viral’ in nature meaning that if one person likes it, it can be promoted everywhere and anywhere in the world

•           Video is popular with search engines making it easier for people to find


More video information


Video Marketing, the Internet and Network Marketing have all come together in an explosive way to assist you to generate leads and traffic to your websites.  Your online video production has to be about educating your viewer. It is about positioning you as the expert… “the go to person”. These are just a few samples of the possible calls to action that you should have to make your video effective on the Internet:


  • Call specific phone numbers
  • Get a Free Trial of your product
  • Make an appointment now!
  • Send the presentation to a friend
  • Fill a Form – to set up an appointment with your company
  • Add to CART


GMA-MMS – Services Provided:

•           Script development

•           Story boarding of the presentation

•           Video Shooting

•           Video Editing

•           Voice Narration production

•           Music creating and/or implementation

•           Website Video Integration

•           Video Production Development Process

•           Custom music, text layovers, and voice-over options


Post Video natural processes:


•           Distribution to Google Video, YouTube and other video sites (over 40)

•           Search engine optimization of your video


GMA-MMS creates affordable custom videos for your website using your still photography and our stock video.  We can produce a high quality video, showcasing your property and delighting your visitors.  Watch your conversion rates soar while attracting more customers to your website.  GMA-MMS can also do on-site custom video shoots and custom professional photography.


Marcus J. Meazzo B.A., Director of Brand Marketing and Elena S. Meazzo, Media Producer, Salvatore Parisi, Director of Web Development, have over 40 years of combined multimedia marketing experience.  They have provided a large number of small to large companies with strategic multimedia marketing support.   The services include from branding to video production to social media marketing.   They are an integral component of GMA outsource and business support services. Services are provided under GMA-MMS and under Open Door Creatives.

Please provide your precious feedback for us.


Marketing and Sales – Increase Revenues with the most efficient and cost effective methods

Businesses have an inherent need to maintain and increase sales.   Sales (or client base) are typically affected and reduced by attrition which is a result of competition, pricing, quality of products, status or the economy, etc.   Mr. John (Giancarlo) Meazzo, M.A. President of GMA3000.COM, has an established strategic alliance with “Open Door Creatives (ODC)” a multi media marketing firm that works seamlessly with GMA’s financial professionals.    The reason of this long term relationship with ODC stemmed from GMA’s clear understanding that during bad economies (depression or recession) many businesses falter and fail.   For survival, businesses must have the support of a leading edge multimedia marketing company.  Hence GMA’s strategic alliances to complement GMA’s core business services.     One of the typical advices to our clients is to reduce operating costs and increase marketing and sales budgets.   Likewise, new businesses need to develop a strong marketing and sales strategy.  A prerequisite is a well thought out branding tactic that includes 1) Brand Positioning, 2) Opportunity Identification and 3) Brand Architecture.

With fixed budgets, obtaining the must results for the least amount of money, time and effort is key.   Understanding the multimedia marketing options and return on investments is a means to success.   The dilemma is how and where to invest the marketing and sales budgets.  Here are the typical choices:


Historical Core Methods:

  • Print ads (magazines, newspapers)
  • Mailers (mail delivery
  • Flyers (typically inserts in newspapers – or direct distribution)
  • Radio or TV advertising
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct sales (door to door)
  • Public relations (developing name recognition, not necessarily sales)
  • Professional brand development
  • Promotions
  • Publishing of articles and books
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Forums (typically under 12 attendees)
  • Trade shows
  • Attending specialty events
  • Event marketing, product launches
  • Donated services through events, non profit events


New Century Methods (with the advent of Internet)

  • Websites – search engine optimization
  • E-Mail campaign/marketing
  • Webinars – Increase awareness of your product and services
  • Social Media Marketing – Such as sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Development of Microsites or Fan pages in Social Media sites
  • Blogs, Podcasts, Vodcasts, Forums (internet based)
  • Streaming TV web based
  • Ebooks
  • Affiliate programs


Marketing Plan

Before you begin with your marketing plan we suggest a “brainstorming” session with a multimedia marketing specialist (get the best, a guru such as Marcus J. Meazzo of ODC) and a Financial Executive (contract CFO).    The marketing plan should be precise, quantifiable and achievable.  Once the plan is decided, it should be placed in a manageable project management type of format such as a GANTT chart.  It should be broken down to small “bite size” steps, with time tables, responsibility, hours or days each step will take, etc.    Once this is accomplished you will have a “road map” on how to achieve your marketing goals.


The key to a successful marketing and sales team is to bring the right professionals together.   As a team GMA’s marketing and sales professionals bring the power of collaborative diversity typically not found by hiring professionals from different sources (various competing consulting companies).  As a collaborative team from one company, our professionals work cohesively to resolve marketing and sales problems and/or develop systems, methods and ideas for their optimization.   Engaging consultants from various sources may be counterproductive.  Our team of consultants in various disciplines including accounting and finance support the creative group of professionals.  .


Marcus J. Meazzo B.A., Director of Brand Marketing and Elena S. Meazzo, Media Producer, Salvatore Parisi, Director of Web Development, have over 40 years of combined multimedia marketing experience.  They have provided a large number of small to large companies with strategic multimedia marketing support.   The services include from branding to video production to social media marketing.   They are an integral component of GMA outsource and business support services.  Services are provided under GMA-MMS and under Open Door Creatives.


Please provide your precious feedback for us.