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Organic Certifying Agents Worldwide

List of USDA
Authorized Organic Certifying Agents by Countries of Operation
Nearly 100 agents are currently authorized to certify farms and businesses to the USDA organic regulations. Most USDA
accredited certifying agents are allowed to certify farms andbusinesses anywhere in the world. Farmers, ranchers, and processors may choose to workwith any USDA
accredited certifying agent.To help narrow your search,
this list shows certifying agents that have recently certified farms and businesses in various countries. To find a certifying agent that currently works in yourcountry, search for the country either alphabetically or by using your computer’s “find”function (usually Control + F). The name of the country will appear at the top of the page. If
the country you seek is not listed, then you may want to contact a certifying agent whocurrently works in a neighboring country. You should contact individual certifying agents to ask if they are able to certify your farm or business.



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