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Corporate Branding and Social Media

Social media marketing is used to drive traffic to your website.  If the website is not professionally prepared and it does not properly convey your mission, products and services (among other key elements), it will fail. The key is to have a well branded website.   Mr. John (Giancarlo) Meazzo, M.A. President of GMA3000.COM, understands the importance of corporate branding and always coaches GMA’s clients on this subject.   Investing in hiring the services of a professional is extremely important for the success of your website.  The logo, the colors, layout, content, menus and other website components have to be well thought out and planned.

Branding is only the creation of a logo but includes key subjects such as websites, advertising, stationery, customer service, disclosure of mission, packaging, quality of products and services. The strategy is to portray a positive image to a concept and idea which will result in clients connecting with a positive impact when they see or hear anything related to the brand.   Branding needs to exploit new technology.  A company website is a crucial channel for any modern corporation regardless of size. If the corporation is not accessible on the Internet, it does not exist! The more professional the website, the better the perception among the Internet savvy modern customer.  Bring the corporate brand to life through a well-executed marketing activities, and make sure the overall messages are clear, relevant and consistent, to the target audiences.


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Social Media and Blogs


We create accounts for you on social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn.   We as marketers are infiltrating that community; you have to be very careful when selling your products. If you come off as a pushy salesperson nobody will buy from you.  So when you join social network, become a helpful member of the community.  If you are totally new to marketing than make friends and ask questions, you would be surprised just how much good help you can get from people.


Enter Blogs – Instead of adding links to your business opportunity, start a blog and use your blog as your personal billboard. With a blog you can pretty much sell what you want, write what you want basically you can be yourself.  Blogging is the easiest way for someone to get on the internet with no html knowledge and start building a business.  Your blog is your point of view its basically represents you.  Blogging is a new concept of inbound marketing in contrast with outbound marketing (advertising, direct marketing, cold calling, the ads you see in newspapers and on TV).   People are searching for your products and services continuously, every single second. The question is, are they able to find you or your competition? People use search engines to choose of millions of searches per minute. They read blogs and they tap their social networks to find answers.  In reality inbound marketing is about making it simple for people to find what you have to offer online.


Blogging and social networking go hand in hand – To get the most out of blogging and social networks you should use a self-hosted wordpress blog.  There is a general consensus and a fact, that wordpress is the best blogging platform online to operate a business. Unfortunately you will need a self hosted blog if you want to use wordpress to its full potential.  You can get a hosting account and blog for about $10 a month.   Based on recent surveys, the cost of inbound marketing is approximately 60% lower in cost than with the typical outbound marketing techniques.  Companies that blog generate 50% to 60% more visitor traffic.   Just ensure that at the end of the blogs you use “call to action” links such invitations to webinars.   For those that invest resources in developing blogs, the blogs can be brought together into an e-book.


Leverage social media such as blogs, bookmarking sites, feeds, video sites and networking websites to increase targeted website traffic.  Also there are two elements to inbound marketing:  on-page optimization and off-page optimization.   On-page search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the elements on your site such as meta tags, page title, descriptions, and alt tags. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to the number of inbound links you can accumulate, and they will bump up you up on the search engines, and place you high on the results pages.


Social Media


Want to start a branding wave? Need to launch a new product? Don`t want to be overshadowed by your competitors? Or do you want a hip place where new and existing clients can see your current offers, blogs?

The amazing cultural fact of social media networking is the word-of-mouth tool of the internet. The fact is that most people like to be in-the limelight, ideally ahead of the crowd, foster an increasing circle of friends, and have interesting discussions about their personal and business subjects.


According to Nielsen research in 2009, the social networks have now surpassed e-mail in usage. This research states that now 2/3 of the internet population visit social networking sites. GMA-MMS will build your presence, connect with the people.


Social Media Sites are Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and many more.  These sites provide numerous ways for subscribers to interact such as instant messaging, file sharing, discussion groups, email, blogging, video and voice chat.  These online communities have conversations which are fully transparent.  You need to be involved to ensure that the online brand opinion has a positive impact. The Social Media is influencing brands whether their owners are aware of it or not.

However you must remember to treat these communities as your equal, as they are not the almost captive audience you used to advertise to before.  Your social media image needs to be in tune with the medium of social media, which is current, catchy, informative and fun.   To engage with the Social Media and at the same time have a positive effect on your Search Engine Optimization you should set up a social bookmarking campaign.

These are when a person shares with his/her network some snippet of interest which links back to the original source.  These bookmarks have the double effect of creating buzz within the social media and also building worthwhile incoming links back to your website.  Social bookmarks should be done like any links or media impact at the right pace.


In terms of total number of internet users by 2013, BMI-T expects that online searches, accessing e-mail, sharing personal content, reading news or articles and watching short video clips will be the highest performing online activities.

Marcus J. Meazzo B.A., Director of Brand Marketing and Elena S. Meazzo, Media Producer, Salvatore Parisi, Director of Web Development, have over 40 years of combined multimedia marketing experience.  They have provided a large number of small to large companies with strategic multimedia marketing support.   The services include from branding to video production to social media marketing.   They are an integral component of GMA outsource and business support services. Services are provided under GMA-MMS and under Open Door Creatives.


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